Thursday, April 5, 2012

BIM vs. GIS | Cadalyst

Tech Trends: When it comes to managing facilities and infrastructure, which technology provides the information that you need in the way you need it? The answer might be: both.
In facilities management, one question seems to be on everyone’s mind these days: BIM or GIS? Without a doubt, both options have a lot to offer when it comes to wrangling all the data involved in operating a facility. BIM (building information modeling) offers detailed 3D visualization and the ability to organize huge volumes of data related to buildings. A GIS (geographic information system) is highly customizable, well equipped for analysis, and ideal for projects in a campus or multi-site environment. Which program or process is better for FM depends entirely on whom you ask. In speaking with a variety of experts, one thing became clear: You’re not likely to find much consensus.
At Autodesk University 2011, one seminar explored “The Great BIM Versus GIS Debate.” Hosted by Matt Ball, editor and cofounder of Vector1 Media, with cospeakers Peter Southwood and Michael Schlosser, both of Autodesk, this gathering was lively and full of strong opinions about the capabilities, strengths, and drawbacks of BIM and GIS in the FM arena.
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