Thursday, April 5, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 | Cadalyst Review

Ah, yes, the tell-tale signs of spring are here: sprouting flower bulbs, longer days, baseball games — and a new release of AutoCAD!In the CAD world, spring came a bit early this year when information about AutoCAD 2013 was published in Japan a month before the media embargo was lifted. As a result, Autodesk allowed media outlets in other countries to publish the "leaked" information, which included nearly everything except new cloud-based functionality.Now that the official launch date has arrived, I bring you this full Cadalyst Labs Review of AutoCAD 2013. Be sure to hold on till the end for an explanation of the new "powerful tools for mosquito aggregation."Welcome!Lets start with the most obvious new feature. When you launch AutoCAD 2013, its pretty hard to miss the new Welcome screen.
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