Thursday, April 5, 2012

Add Text below the Dimension Line | CAD Tips

Tipster J. Raul Cardenas describes how to make AutoCAD dimensions display additional text below the dimension line.
"When you want an accurate dimension, but also want specific text to appear below the dimension line, select the desired dimension and open the Text Override option in the Properties palette. Enter brackets (<>) to tell AutoCAD to use the default associative dimension text, then enter a backslash () followed by an uppercase X (a lowercase x will not work). That tells AutoCAD to place the remainder of the text below the dimension line. Next, enter the text. For example:
<>XMIN. <>XR.O. <>XTYP. <>X2EQ. SPACES  
Notes from Cadalyst Tip Reviewer Brian Benton: This is important to know, because we often need to display additional text in our dimensions. AutoCAD 2012 made this process a bit easier. Before the 2012 release, you had to follow the directions in this tip, or use the DDEdit command to access the text in an editor. AutoCAD 2012 has built-in functionality to automate this: Double-click the dimension text to open it in a text editor, where you can edit the text just as is if it were regular multiline text.

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