Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is your workstation performance dragging?

CadalystCadalyst is pleased to be sending you this promotion on behalf of our partners Dell Computer and Intel.
Check out these Dell Precision™ workstations that are configured for optimal CAD performance and are fully-certified, so you can get the performance and reliability you desire while keeping our IT budget in check.
Dell Precision T3500 Fixed WorkstationDell Precision™ T3500 Fixed Workstation
This Dell Precision T3500 brings together a Quad Core Intel® Xeon® 2.80GHz processor, 4GB of memory and 256MB NVIDIA® Quadro® to give you the CAD horsepower you need.
A 500GB HDD with 16MB DataBurst Cache™ provides storage capacity and performance for those large files.
Only $1294
Dell Precision™ M6600 Mobile Workstation
The 17.3" screen, Dell Precision M6600 mobile workstation over-delivers in terms of mobile performance and scalability and is certified with many CAD independent software vendor (ISV) applications.
This configuration features Intel® Core™ i7, Dual Core 2.70GHz with Turbo BoostTechnology 2.0, 4GBs of Memory, 500 GB HDD and 2GB AMD® FirePro® M8900 Mobility Pro Graphics.
Only $1834

Need help picking a workstation? Use the Dell Precision Workstation Advisor.

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