Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autodesk Mobile Apps (Games & Entertainment )

TinkerBox engineering game puzzle app

Autodesk® TinkerBox™Create amazing 3D contraptions and solve mechanical riddles. You'll never look at engineering the same way again with this iPhone/iPod Touch puzzle game.
App Store | App Store (iPad)

Autodesk Fluid FX photo special effects app

Autodesk® Fluid FXManipulate pictures with a range of special effects. Warp, swirl, and ignite photos. Powered by visual effects technology from Autodesk® Maya® software.
App Store

Time FX clock app

Autodesk® Time FXDisplay time in more than 60 mind-blowing ways with this clock app—from swirling puffs of smoke to sizzling rings of fire.
App Store

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