Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing Autodesk Cloud

Your Subscription: Greater Advantage with Autodesk Cloud
More Mobility, More Capabilities, More Power
Imagine a world where technological limitations and restrictions are pushed aside. A process that offers a way to visualize and optimize designs without specialized hardware or excessive wait time. A system that offers more productivity through improved collaboration and increased mobility.
Introducing Autodesk Cloud
Autodesk® Subscription now gives you a greater advantage with Autodesk® Cloud. In addition to your current benefits, you now have access to Autodesk Cloud documents—a new service that enables you to store documents in the cloud, extend your workflow beyond the desktop, and share projects with anyone, anytime via the web or a mobile device. For the duration of your Subscription term, you're entitled to 3GB of Autodesk Cloud documents storage for each of your seats on Subscription.
What's more, customers with a Subscription to select products or suites have exclusive access to powerful cloud-based services, such as:
Autodesk Cloud rendering
Autodesk® Inventor® optimization - Coming Soon!*
Autodesk® Revit® Conceptual Energy Analysis
Autodesk® Green Building Studio®
Autodesk® Buzzsaw®
Autodesk Cloud
Learn about the cloud services available with your Subscription.

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