Thursday, August 18, 2011

New AutoCAD WS Mac App + iOS and Android updates

We’re very happy to tell you that we have just released the latest version of AutoCAD WS mobile. You can download it now for iOS from the App Store or for Android from the Android Market.
This latest update introduces some features that have been much in demand from you over the past few months. As always, we’ve worked hard to include as much of your feedback as possible as we continue to use your comments and suggestions to drive the product’s development.


We have added support for Layers to the AutoCAD WS 1.3 mobile app. Now you can turn each layer on and off as required to give you a better view of the way your design is put together.

Accurate Input

Now with AutoCAD WS you can input the exact length or radius you want on the pop-up keypad. Each drawing command, such as setting the radius of a circle or determining the vertical offset of a move operation can now be typed in using a special pop-up keyboard to ensure complete accuracy.

Area Measurement

We have added this much requested feature to allow you to select an area and instantly calculate its area and perimeter. This new tool will allow you to accurately measure a set of points to determine their enclosed area and perimeter. Very useful for capturing vital information wherever you find yourself.

File Management

You no longer have to rely on access to a PC or Mac to manage files in your AutoCAD WS account. You can now duplicate, delete and rename files by simply tapping the arrow next to each file or folder within the app’s drawings view and choose the desired operation.
We’ll be talking about about these new features and others in the coming weeks. Download the new version for iOS or Android and tell us what you think, and don’t forget to check out all the brand new features in the release video:

AutoCAD WS Mobile Update – August 2011 – Available Now

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