Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mechanical Engineering

!!! Mechanical Engineering Consultant Needed !!!

Our Northeast Wisconsin client is seeking a very creative, experienced Mechanical Engineer with varied experience working with material handling equipment. Company is looking for an outside consultant to refine, economize and improve a specific piece of material handling equipment. They want a more robust design in a small footprint that will separate it from the competition and make it more competitive in pricing as well.

You will initially be doing research on competitor and related equipment to get a feel for what they need as well as ideas that could be implemented.

They have a good engineering team but they feel they have reached a point where they are all looking at it the same way. They need a fresh set of eyes to give a new perspective.

• BSME or better
• US Authorized Only Please
• Must have proven background in new product development. They want someone who has taken it from an idea to production.
• Should be proficient with CAD, they are using AutoCAD
• Must be committed to completing the project
• Will need to sign a non-compete etc.....
• Will need to come into office on a weekly basis to update progress etc...

Please feel free to submit your resume to me:
Or call with questions:
920-731-7703/ 866-462-7487

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