Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 New Feature: Create Civil 3D Pipe Network from SHP file

In previous versions of Civil 3D if you wanted to create a pipe network from a GIS file, it would have to be done manually. However in 2012, we will now have the ability to convert the SHP files directly to Civil 3D pipe networks.

Under the INSERT tab, IMPORT panel in the Civil 3D Ribbon you will now find a new option: Import GIS Data. Up will pop a dialog box asking you to specify the path to your GIS SHP file data, and the ability to connect to that data. After connecting to your SHP pipe data you can then move along to the Object Options which is much like Create Pipe Network dialog you get when creating a new pipe network within Civil 3D. Here you can specify Parts List, Surface, Alignment, and label styles.
Via: Being Civil Blog

Moving along to the Schema and Coordinates, which as you can imagine, deals with the GIS Schema and Coordinate systems and can be specified accordingly. Now we can get into the Data Mapping of both the pipes and structures. Once you have made all your changes and mapped the Imported Data Field to the Civil 3D Pipe Property, these can be saved (as XML files) and loaded for use over and over again. So while it may take a bit to map the first time, it should be much more streamlined the second go-round.

Finally the Query Options and Clean Up. Query Options is basically a filter for what data you would like imported. You have the option of Import All, based on a defined boundary, and based on a custom query from mathematical expressions (advanced option). The Clean Up allows you to specify tolerances and discard unlinked structures and pipes.

Click the Finish button, you will get a progress dialog, your data will now be imported, and a Civil 3D pipe network will be created. Now a process that would have taken hours manually, now can be created in a few simple steps!

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