Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Message to all TBAUG members

Hello everyone,

First I want to apologize to everyone for the very long hiatus TBAUG has taken these past few months. As everyone knows TBAUG is a volunteer organization. Everyone in our group is working very hard to keep TBAUG going, however because of the recent years economic reality, the majority of our volunteer staff has either moved away in search of better opportunities or has less and less time available to devote on TBAUG.

This past year I have been doing my best to keep things going, but recently my time commitments have been more and more difficult to continue to make monthly TBAUG meetings. Therefore I will be changing the TBAUG meeting schedule from once a month to three to four times a year depending on the amount of resources available. I will increasingly utilize our website to deliver content to our user and pass on any and all information, including but not limited to webcast, tips and tricks and of course any news and announcements related to our industry.

I think it's important to keep our group going so, I hope I can continue to count on the support of all our users.

I know I have said it before, but just in case. If you haven't signed up for a TBAUG account please go to our website at and click on the join TBAUG button. After today, All TBAUG reminders, news and announcement will be sent using the account only. I also encourage you to click on "subscribe via email" on the bottom of the right hand sidebar. This will notify you the moment a new post is made on the site.

Thank for your continued support,

Steven Torres, President
Tampa Bay Autodesk Users Group (TBAUG)

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