Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discover Topobase Tools Within Map 3D 2012

Just the mere thought of it gives me the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. In Map 3D 2012, get ready for developing GIS information and maps from industry models and construct industry models from GIS information and geometry. How amazing is that? Map 3D now includes the tools previously available only in Autodesk Topobase for developing industry models for water, sewer, gas, and electric distribution. Not only do you have access to these tools, but you can utilize them in a way that is much more familiar to AutoCAD users - by simply using basic AutoCAD commands.

What are these so-called Industry Models? They are DWG files containing indsutry-specific:
  • Strcutures to help deal with water, wastewater, gas, electric, etc.
  • Symbology and styles
  • Rules and Workflows
  • Forms and reports
  • Analytic capabilities
The Autodesk Topobase software already had/has clients within high-end utilities markets and are centralized on Oracle databases with advanced options to support their respective industries. These have rules and relationships between objects and analysis reports that can be produced. In AutoCAD Map 3D 2012, users will have access to all this functionality, improved user interface, easier creating and editing functions, and much more.

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