Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Autodesk - Legal Notices & Trademarks - Software License Agreements

Ready for an action packed blog post? Well you came to the wrong post. Autodesk has released their End User License Agreements, affectionately known as the EULA.
I know everyone just clicks on Accept and continues on with their installation, but it may be something that's worthwhile to read once every 29 years or so.

It's important to understand that you are licensing the right to use a software vendor's software. You don't really own it.

Now that Autodesk supports Standalone, Network and Citrix licensing for many products, you may want to see how this affects you and what your company does with the software.

Enjoy and remember, no attorneys were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Software License Agreements

Autodesk® software is not sold. Rather, we license it to the end user under the terms of a software license agreement. The terms of Autodesk's software license agreements may vary depending upon the specific software product and version that you licensed from Autodesk as well as the specific geographical region in which you obtained your software license.

We generally provide our software license agreements electronically within each software product as a “click through” license. However, for some of our software products we may include the software license agreement as a printed form inside the software package. Please refer to the particular software product for the software license agreement applicable to that software. Unless you have another agreement directly with Autodesk that controls and alters your use of Autodesk software products, the terms and conditions of the software license agreement that accompanies the software product apply to you.

For your convenience, we have posted below the software license agreements for some of our software products and versions. These agreements are provided here for reference purposes only. Remember that you are bound by the specific software license agreement that applies to each software product you have licensed and installed.

If you are not able to locate below the software product and version that you have licensed and installed, please contact License.

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