Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AutoCAD WS for iPhone and iPad is now available

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We’re happy to announce the formal release of Project Butterfly as AutoCAD WS – a new member of the AutoCAD family of products.

AutoCAD WS extends AutoCAD into new platforms including web browsers, mobile phones and tablet devices. As part of this announcement we are releasing a major new component: AutoCAD WS Mobile.

AutoCAD WS is a new mobile application that enables you to view, edit, and share DWG files through mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

To get the app for your device go to the App Store page, or visit the AutoCAD WS mobile page for more details.

AutoCAD WS Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch

AutoCAD WS Mobile key features :
Open your DWG files on your mobile device with full support of Xrefs, layers and fonts.
Edit and annotate drawings using using an intuitive touch and gesture interface.
Add familiar AutoCAD objects such as polyline, circle, text and cloud.
Draw and edit accurately using units display, snap and orthogonal support.
Work in different view modes, switch between model view and grayscale display.
Share and collaborate on drawings with other AutoCAD WS web and mobile users. Edit a drawing with another user in real time using two mobile devices or a mobile device and a PC or MAC.
Changes are automatically saved in your online storage and can be downloaded back to DWG format.

Butterfly users – your account details and your data is now active on the mobile app as well. You can view and edit drawings which you’ve uploaded to Butterfly on your mobile device using your existing account.

New users- If you want to upload your own drawings to your new account, go to from a PC or a Mac, enter your credentials and upload files. Drawings which were uploaded to will appear in your mobile app.

Accurately moving an existing object to a new location using the snap marker

AutoCAD WS Mobile running on an iPad

We recently ran a poll asking you which features you would like to see in AutoCAD WS mobile. The poll received overwhelming responses with almost 1500 people taking the poll so far. We’ve listened to your input and have added the top requests to the list of features for version 1.1 which will be released in the coming months.
Our next release will include:
Offline access without a Wifi/3G connection.
Open drawings which were received as e-mail attachments.
Stylesheets and layouts support.
Different unit types support (inches, feet, meters, etc.)
Improved snapping tools.

We’re very excited about this release and want to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

You can also use the feedback button or email us at to let us know about your initial experience with the Mobile app, and which features can be useful for you.

P.S Android users – be patient. We’re thinking about you as well.


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