Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Revit Family Pre-Basics Video - Autodesk's BIG Family "Seekret"

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More and more frequently in my travels & conversations, I hear users lament that from one family to the next - from one manufacturer to the next, the naming conventions (thought up) are different for the same parameter or piece of equipment, even though in reality, they're all referring to the same entity. What this incurs for the user is the inability to schedule by a single name or ID. So then the user has to go back into each diverse family and edit them to insure like entities have the same name. So I get asked a lot if there is documentation on conventions or some kind of standard for parameter names in Revit families. Well there sure is, but it's a BIG Seekret. However, just for my blog followers, I put links to them on the Family Guides page on this very blog. Let's have a look and see in this video how these guides help us create families, and keep them all standardized. (Be sure to select 720p HD view resolution for best viewing fidelity.)
Revit Families Seekret - non YouTube link  <- non YouTube link

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