Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CAD definition in a BIM world ...and a few words about Risa Structural Analysis

....then I heard this one....BIM      (B)rings (I)n (M)oney

One of my earlier definitions of CAD was (C)oordination (A)nalysis (D)esign.
Last night I became a dealer of Risa structural analysis software.  They're a Design and Analysis software company that's been around since 1987.  They're another company that's been doing BIM before it was BIM.  

Let's add "Create" to their workflow, so we have Create-Analyze-Design.  

Wouldn't you like to be able to run a study of which would be more beneficial to your client?  Wouldn't it be nice to do a comparison of a steel versus concrete building, see which is more economical and which could be erected faster?  You know...just like Design/Build contractors are doing right now with BIM?  Wouldn't you like to actually provide real services to your clients like pricing, design options and scheduling efficiencies based on building type?

I hope you realize how the CAD process is causing your industry to implode because of your insistence that CAD is equal to or better than the BIM process and software.  Why are some of you so stubborn and resistance to something new for a change?  

What you're essentially doing is Calligraphy Annotated Drafting.  Yes, calligraphy.  You may as well be drawing your lines circles and arcs by hand with a fountain pen for all the time it takes to make your line weights and hatch patterns look pretty.  Is that what you promised the client in your AIA contract?  That you'd give them a bunch of pretty lines?

Wouldn't you rather be part of an AIA IPD A191 contract where you're actually part of a team building a building?  Are you a builder or a drafter?  

 If you'd like more information about BIM or Risa, please contact me.  I'm officially a national dealer for Risa so at least let me get you some pricing.

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