Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Autodesk Subscription Customers / Electronic Downloads

Starting this month, software download will replace CDs and DVDs as the default method of delivering software upgrades to most Autodesk®Subscription customers worldwide.

If a customer would prefer to receive their software upgrade via CD/DVD instead of via download, customers can set their delivery preference to “box” by signing in to Subscription Center and updating their profile prior to March 12, 2010. (Date does not apply to Media and Entertainment customers.) After March 12, 2010 customers in countries affected by this policy change can still request a CD/DVD by submitting a request in Subscription Center and Autodesk will ship a CD/DVD at no additional cost.

Software download gives Subscription customers immediate access to the latest Autodesk® software. It’s more convenient than installing upgrades from a CD or DVD. And, it’s a more sustainable choice.

Autodesk will continue to ship CDs/DVDs to Subscription customers in some countries as the default delivery method. However, these customers will also have the option to download their Autodesk®software upgrades.


Additional information and a Customer FAQ can be found on theSubscription Software Download page.
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