Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AutoCAD 2011 New Surface Commands for Trim, Fillet and Patch

AutoCAD is the leading general purpose 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design “CAD” software that with each release is getting more features and power.
I created a quick video showing how you can now use the new AutoCAD 2011 commands SURFTRIM, SURFFILLET, and SURFPATCH.
I created the surfaces for a toy car based on the car designed by Carl Frischmuth in solids and AutoCAD 2007. In addition to all the cool 2D feature enhancements we added to AutoCAD 2011 we also added a great deal of 3D feature enhancements especially in surfacing. You can now perform complex surface operations effortlessly that were not possible or tedious in the past. So below is the quick 3 new command taste of some AutoCAD 2011 surfacing enhancements.
AutoCAD 2011 Quick video showing how you can now use the new AutoCAD 2011 commands SURFTRIM, SURFFILLET, and SURFPATCH
I almost placed techno music or the song “Happy Boy by the Beat Farmers” as a background music track to the video, but better judgment prevailed.
Next quick video and feature overview I will dig into is the new ability to project 2D geometry onto a 3D surface.

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