Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EE ProPack CadMgr Civil 3D add-on is now FREE!

EE ProPack CadMgr Civil 3D add-on

UPDATED 3-9-2010: Revised steps required for authorization. If you are having issues authorizing, please see the revised steps below. Thanks!

Starting today, Engineered Efficiency has made its popular EE ProPack CadMgr Civil 3D add-on available for free. Registration is required, but it is a true freeware application.

As a free product, there is no official support, so we set up a forum to assist end users and facilitate user-to-user community support.


Overview here:
Download EE ProPack CadMgr 2010:

Download EE ProPack CadMgr 2009:

After you download, follow these steps:

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