Thursday, January 21, 2010

TBAUG & Autodesk Certification

TBAUG & Autodesk Certification

Some members of TBAUG have gathered to have a division on Certification within TBAUG and this Newsletter is to show our desires to all members.


Steven Torres President TBAUG

Tod Stephen MS Instructor ITT-TECH

Greg Lewis MS Instructor St.Pete Co.

Gene Carine Sr. Appl.Engr. AVATEC H

Joe Poston Coordinator TBAUG

OUR first obligation is to have a meeting to finalize our objectives and to build a program that will satisfy the requirements for the certification. Plan the first TBAUG (event) generalized newsletter to all members for the dates / time/ place of first class.

Our PLAN is to have TBAUG, ITT-TECH, USF, SPC, HCC, AVATECH, ERWIN TECH have some of the classes and proctored exams so many within this area can become certified. PRACTICE EXAM will be available before you take the ACTUAL EXAM. At AU2009 in Las Vegas there were ONLY 18% which passed the FIRST TIME.

We will have separate ASSOCIATE & PROFESSIONAL classes for instructional purposes. MUST PASS BOTH the ASSOCIATE & PROFESSIONAL exams to get CERTIFIED… “CAD Learning DVD” from Matt Murphy will be available for purchase. All indications among the industry people and discussions at AU2009 show that certification will become preferred and in some case required


Matt Murphy‘s presentation on certification at AU2009, Las Vegas: [this will allow you to know the EXAM]

TO find certification on WEB:

TO find Assessment QUIZ on WEB: 1-888-563-8266

More info will be available as we iron out the details, but if you have any questions now please email and we will try to answer to the best of our ability.

Thank You everyone and stay tuned

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