Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alias Sketch Add-in for AutoCAD Now Available


Product Line Manager, Thomas Heermann, contacted me about making a technology preview available on Autodesk Labs. He wants to get feedback on the Alias Sketch experience from the AutoCAD user base.

Thomas was keen to note:

  • The add-in version is for AutoCAD users who have a creative part of their job and will use the Alias Sketch add-in for integrating sketching and image editing capabilities into their current workflow for tasks that they currently user Photoshop or Corel for today.

  • Since AutoCAD is already vector based, the benefit is that AutoCAD users can now add image manipulation and paint workflows easily to their workflow with an Autodesk product. Alias Sketch is for AutoCAD users that need to integrate hand written annotations, create sketches, modify images, or create composite imagery. They can now communicate via illustrations versus a DWG file. It would not be useful for AutoCAD users who simply create drawings and send out DWG files.

  • The add-in features: Fully integrated with AutoCAD desktop and interface, color and image processing/manipulation, drawing tools (paint brushes, pencils, must be stated in a way as those who can take advantage of pen based interfaces, take advantage of Alias technology directly in AutoCAD software. Adding value to current AutoCAD customers with new technology.

So take this add-in for a spin and let us know what you think atlabs.acad.aliassketch@autodesk.com. We would love to see samples of what you create.

Letting our creative juices flow is alive in the lab.

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