Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IMAutoCAD Solutions

IMAutoCAD Solutions

AutoCAD provides some of the greatest design productivity tools on the market today. Nevertheless, there are still certain steps and procedures used by those in the AEC industry which are not native to AutoCAD. Features such as:

•Offseting a nested object
•Adding/Deleting vertices from a polyline
•Rotating a piece of text or block to match that of another object or the view's rotation
•Rotating (or twisting) your view to align to an object
◦...and automatically rotating a block (such as a north arrow) with it!
•Having simple offset tools such as:
◦Offset to any layer
◦Offset in a specified direction a number of times or for a specified distance
•...And many more!

Learn more about IMAutoCAD Solutions by looking through the different tools offered

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