Wednesday, March 4, 2009

See how 3ds Max Design and Civil 3D make the difference

Don't Leave Your Approval Process Open to Interpretation.
See how 3ds Max Design and Civil 3D make the difference.

Combine your AutoCAD® Civil 3D® design with the power of Autodesk® 3ds Max Design® to show the intent and impact of your plans. Having a clear vision can help streamline the government and community approval processes.

Join us for a complimentary one-hour Webcast where we will show the most efficient workflow for importing Civil 3D into 3ds Max Design. We'll also show you how to leverage your existing design data so you don't replicate the engineering design of the site.

At this Webcast, you'll learn:
The most efficient methods to create corridors for visual design software
How to dynamically link models to visual design software
How animation of your real-world environment can bring your design to life

Register now for this complimentary one–hour Webcast.

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