Monday, March 23, 2009

Civil 3D User group meeting

Hello Everyone,

As you all might know we have a Civil 3D User group meeting coming up real soon. Nickolas Edwin, Infrastructure Applications Engineer from Avatech Solutions will be presenting.

I know many people are still having trouble getting started on C3D. Being part of past C3D meeting I also know that there have been plenty of discussions on what direction we wanted to take our C3D meetings. Hopefully this next round of meeting will yield more results.

In an effort to better understand the software and apply it in real world situation. We are asking for volunteers to provide a real world scenario for our meeting. Instead of using Autodesk's canned dataset we would like to work with something more relatable to our area.

If any of our C3D users are willing provide us with an old project from this area or anywhere in florida for that matter. We can then take it from start to finish to demonstrate C3D workflow. From importing field data to finish product. Obviously this can't be done in one night, but might be worth doing over a few C3D meetings.


We will have giveaways and we will get a sneak peek at Autocad 2010.

If you would like to offer a dataset please email me at


Click here to open link to a location map

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