Monday, January 12, 2009

Contribute to TBAUG

Are you a power User?
Are you considered an expert?
Would you like to share your knowledge with others?

Maybe you have a few tips and tricks you would like to share, in person or our websites.

TBAUG is looking for speakers and presenters for a our next users group meetings. All our local resellers have supported us by presentations and demonstrations in the past, and are already working on providing us with these resources in the future.

We would like to directly include our users in upcoming meetings and events. We know a great deal of you hold vast amount of information and are always willing to share it. After all thats what User Groups are all about.

If you would like to contribute to TBAUG by giving a presentation, speaking and/or contributing to our website with tips and trick or any other information please contact me or reply to this email. This could be in any field Architectural, civil, Survey/GIS etc...

Remember TBAUG is for Users by users.

For volunteer information please email

Steven A. Torres
TBAUG President
Tampa Bay Autodesk User Group

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  1. Thank You for the great feed back on contributing to TBAUG. Keep the suggestion coming.