Monday, October 6, 2008

Autodesk University

Dear AUGI Member,
If you are already scheduled to attend Autodesk University then we congratulate you on taking advantage of this opportunity. If you are not planning to attend or just haven't taken care of it yet, then this letter is for you! Regardless of your plans, we'd like to take this opportunity to tell you what AUGI has in store for you at AU.
Autodesk University is fast approaching and many have signed up for the event. It is expected that more than 12,000 will be in attendance. AUGI will be there in force as we discuss the future at our annual meeting, hold a totally redesigned Top DAUG contest with more contestants than ever, and unveil the multiple AUGI Wish Lists to Autodesk top brass.

Early Bird Registration ends on October 10th – Now is the time to act and save $500 off the regular AU registration fee.

You do not want to miss this event, which is why I am writing to personally invite you to attend. All of the reasons that you enjoy AUGI membership are available in this one event.

There will be training - more than 640 classes with almost 70 percent of the presenters being your fellow AUGI members. There will be networking - where else can you rub elbows with experts, industry leaders, and your peers? And there will be answers to your questions - 65 more classes than last year and the number of hands-on labs now exceeds 80.

AUGI members typically represent about 30 percent of those in attendance. We want that number to increase. Why? Because it is such a valuable event for everyone who attends. I have attended every AU since the first one, and each and every year I left knowing something that I did not know before I arrived. Even as I advanced in my understanding of the tools, there was always someone out there who knew more than I did on a given subject.

Top Ten reasons for AUGI members to attend AU 2008
You cannot afford to miss this event. Your firm cannot afford to overlook the value of sending you. If you are a sole proprietor, then the cost is more than justified by the people you will meet, the training you will get, and the overall expansion of your technical wisdom. Here are some good reasons to attend and some thoughts on talking management into sending you.

Reasoning with management and overcoming objections
So if you have not made up your mind to attend – now is the time to act. Get approvals, get funding, get travel, and get moving! Don’t put it off any longer. There are still plenty of classes with available space. There are plenty of hotel rooms still available. There is room for you at AU 2008!

Go here to register -
TODAY. And when you register, make sure you check that little box that tells them you are an AUGI member. If you do that, then there will be a special identification ribbon for you when you arrive.

Possible discounts that you may qualify for…
There are ways to save money on registration that you may not know about.

Thanks – see you there...

Mark W. KikerPresident,
Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)