Friday, September 12, 2008

Subassemblies for AutoCAD® Civil and Civil 3D® 2009

Download Subscription customers can now download supplementary subassembly content which provides added functionality for a variety of complex road design scenarios, such as Shoulder Widening, Trench Pipes, Daylight Rock Cut, Conditional Cut/Fill and more. Users of these subassemblies will benefit from their ease of use, enabling them to be more productive and agile while working on projects and responding to customer requests. To begin benefiting from the Subassemblies for AutoCAD® Civil and Civil 3D® 2009, select from the list of options below. The ZIP file which will be downloaded contains a Subassembly Package File (.pkt). The subassembly can be imported into Civil or Civil 3D by selecting Corridors -> Utilities -> Import Subassemblies from the menu. You will be prompted for the PKT file and the Tool Palette for the Subassembly. Once the Subassembly has been added to the Tool Palette, it will work the same way as the subassemblies included with the product.
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