Sunday, September 28, 2008

FDOT Links and Important Information

Known as ECSO, the Engineering CADD Systems Office writes the FDOT software that directly works with Bentley MicroStation and other 3rd party products. They support all Districts in the state of Florida as well as consulting firms doing FDOT business.

Most important link:

The menu link is you most important section on this page.

Software: Free FDOT software to do FDOT business

Publications: Standards on how the FDOT wants things done -- CADD Production Criteria Handbook & CADD Manual

Presentations: Past and present presentations from FDOT sponsored events.
Quick Clips: short video segments demonstrating various tools in the Electronic Delivery process and / or CADD Tools made available by FDOT. Some of the best free training on doing FDOT work.

All FDOT training manuals that are up to date (a must see) in PDF format. FREE

You can lose yourself in here.

All ECSO personnel in Tallahassee phone & email info.

CADD Links:
On-line ECSO resources.

Dates of upcoming FDOT events

To better assist FDOT users as well as consultants doing FDOT work, utilizing gotomeeting ECSO can see a users machine and see what is going wrong as well as review configuration variables in order to resolve issues.

Other important links like “FDOT Supported Software Versions” can keep you up to date on what version the FDOT is running as of a particular date.

Most important link:

Other useful links: FDOT Structures office Florida Engineering Society MicroStation FAQ and more (good resource). Florida Local Users Group (like TBAUG) for the state Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) FDOT Roadway Design Office Great Geopak on-line step by step training

Please take the time to browse all these links to get a better understanding about doing FDOT design. If you need assistance contact me at.

Thomas C Brosinski, MCP
FDOT District 7 CADD Manager
11201 N. McKinley Drive
Tampa, Fl, 33612
Phone# (813) 975-6753
FDOT Cell # (813) 352-1128

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